Pike Precision 2

The Precision is an absolute joy in every respect. As you would expect from Samba the quality is excellent. The hexagonal paint scheme is an absolute triumph that compliments the airframe perfectly. The main point though is of course how she flies.

For me the Precision is the most complete and enjoyable flying experience I have ever had. There is a certain crispness in the corners that I just don’t feel with other models. Have a look at my other pages and you’ll hear me say that the Freestyler 3 gives the most pilot feedback I have ever known. The Caldera is just plain joyful and pretty beyond words. The Freestyler 4 is fast, fast, fast. And, at the time of writing, I haven’t flown the Vantage.

What the Precision does (in my opinion) is bring the best bits of all of these models together into one airframe that is fast, crisp, fun, thermals like a homesick angel, has a great joy of ownership and leaves you grinning after each flight. In fact the only flight I wasn’t grinning afterwards was when I comprehensively smashed it to pieces! The most telling thing is that I’m getting another one!

As a bonus you can get an electric fuselage. I got it for La Muela as insurance on those tricky days but have found it too much fun to leave in the house. A video of the first flight is below.